• DURASHINE® is a range of Roof and Wall cladding products by Tata BlueScope Building Products. The range offers products like Roof and Wall sheets, Tile profile roof sheets, “Z” and “C” shaped Purlins for structural support and some typical Accessories. These offerings are expected to fulfill the need of retail customer by offering amazing aesthetics, excellent thermal efficiency and exemplary colour durability in coated steel products. Moreover, the DURASHINE® range of products is available in through a strong network of 31 distributors and over 2300 dealers across the country.

    Disclaimer on Condensation:

    Condensation is the natural formation of water droplets on the bottom side of any installed metal roofing sheet. It may occur when there is a difference in temperature between the air in the building and the sheet itself, causing the water vapour (moisture) in the air to condense on the inside of the sheet. It is a natural phenomenon and hence no claims will be entertained in this regard.
    The risk of condensation may be minimised by providing proper ventilation arrangement in the roofs and by using suitable insulation.

    Download the Technical Bulletin on condensation